Backgammon Gold Premium

Backgammon Gold Premium – for beginners and professional players. Play against the computer or online, including a chat! With the popular BGBlitz software and 100% fair dice rolls.

*** NEW ***
100% fair dice rolls with – Online game chat – New wooden board

Backgammon Gold – lots of exciting and extendable features such as tournaments, help functions, difficulty levels and game variations will take you into the world of one of the oldest and best-known board games.

Test your Backgammon skills and play against the Expert level which comes with the popular BGBlitz software.

Play online against friends and chat with them at the same time. Guaranteed no rigged dice due to absolute random dice rolls from (online connection is required).

Backgammon Gold comes in a cool design to your iPhone, iPod or iPad for FREE!

– 1 and 2 players + online
– Single game & tournament
– Bluetooth support for 2-player mode
– Classic & Nackgammon
– BGBlitz – the international rewarded Backgammon software
– 100% fair dice rolls with or Live Rolls function
– The BGBlitz Tutor to learn the perfect move
– 7 board designs
– 3 difficulty levels
– Automatic moves for fast gaming
– Double deactivating
– Save games
– Confirm move function
– Redo function
– GameCenter & Open Feint

Get Backgammon Gold now for your smart phone/iPad and show your opponents how to play properly!

Our gamers say:
***** “Finally a challenging KI in an appealing design.”
***** “The best Backgammon of all!”
***** “A game everybody knows and which makes lots of fun.”
***** “I’m very happy and play it often with my girlfriend. Great!”

If you like our Backgammon Gold we’re looking forward to your rating in the AppStore.

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