How good is your timing and reaction speed?

Help BabyHood with his target practice. A simple game for any age to enjoy, glide your fingers up and down the wooden slider to position BabyHood, wait… wait… then a simple touch to release his arrow…Bullseye!

At its essence BabyHood is a timing game, instantly fun but satisfyingly challenging to master.

❤ Gorgeous graphics
❤ Satisfying sound effects
❤ Simple controls
❤ High score blackboard
❤ Highest bullseye counter

Wirebot review:
“The graphics are cute with a chubby little BabyHood holding his bow and arrow…The controls are very simple: slide a wooden block up or down to position BabyHood, and tap on the screen to shoot an arrow…Overall the game is cute and simple… I would recommend it more for younger children who are beginning to pick up on electronic games.”

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