Baby Speaks

Baby Speaks is designed to help your child learn shapes in an easy and fun way. Our app consists of three sections: Flash Cards, Hidden Pictures and Matching. Each section reinforces the basic shapes featured in the app.

Our Flash Cards section teaches your children how to say the name of the shape, read the shape’s name and recognize the shape.

Our Hidden Pictures section consists of shapes hidden within a picture. Your child must find them.

Our Matching section consists of shapes and outlines. Your child needs to match the shape with the corresponding outline.

We have also included an achievements section in the app that tracks your child’s progress. We believe in positive reinforcement, so every time your child reaches a milestone it will be celebrated with a gold star.

While it is possible for your child to use this app alone, we always encourage that you learn together.

This is the initial launch of the app and it is very basic. Any suggestions to improve it are welcome.

If there’s enough interest in this app, we’ll try to add to it to help your kids learn other things such as their ABC’s.

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