Baby Spa Christmas HD

***********Merry Christmas!!!!!*******************
Christmas is coming! we have hired a lot Christmas waiters to help your out, they are so lovely and cute,they come to serve you with the Santa’s best wishes, come to figure it out!
Christmas Bear’s out of sprits home, so they come to the Bear Spa to refresh, you’re in charge of the Bear Spa, you have some staffs, you can switch them one by one even upgrade them.
Then how to run your Bear Spa?
Drag your bear customers to your Spa stations such as Bathtub, Perm Hair Machine,Brush Table and serve them to help them relax and refresh, You can upgrade all the subjects to experience more fun.
Remember do NOT let the customers wait too long time, or they will feel bad and leave away. Build your Spas and earn money as much as you can, more subjects and staffs will help you improve the spa.
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