Baby Plants Condiment

Baby farm introduces condiments now! New encyclopedia product- “Baby Plants Condiments” get you in touch with Welsh onion, garlic, chili pepper, etc, and shows new layout and functions for a better experience. Do you know that ginger would flower, what garlic’s flower looks like, and in what state Welsh onion is consumed against the cold? “Baby Plants Condiments” provides a full range of knowledge.
l Detailed mini encyclopedia for kids;
l Scalable images for every detail;
l Clear illustration in the process of plants growth;
l Considerate “Parental guidance” is for both parents’ and kids’ learning.
Nature is so wonderful and all kids would have deep love for it. So what are you waiting for? Just try the apps now!

The application ‘Baby Plants Condiment’ is an appropriate interactional exercise for children in growing sensitive periods. Children plant with their own hands and experience plants growing process from seeding to harvest. It’s an opportunity to learn natural science. What’s more, the app is drawn in both Chinese and English versions. Children will learn not only English words but also plant encyclopedia and Chinese pronunciation and their writing.

Vasyl Sukhomlynsky, an educator in the Soviet Union, had said, “The development of the intellect shows up in children’s finger.” Intentional finger exercises develop child’s left and right brains.

Operating guidance for ‘Baby Plants Condiment’
We have optimized the operational process while planting condiment according to child’ growth feature.
Baby aged 0 to 2: Use point-and-click operations to plant and cook.
Baby above 2: Use drag-and-drop operations to plant and cook.
Clicking the button of “中-CN” or “英-EN”, you can switch between Chinese and English interface. Let’s learn another language from now on!

Orbaby is publishing it’s exclusive global application-‘Baby Plants Condiment’, which is children’s interactive encyclopedia of nature and science.
The application is based on theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist from Harvard University. Develop potential intelligence of nature, science and language, and get the most out of child’s left and right brains.

Children become the subject of education in descriptive and simulative interaction, and tend to use their brains and tap potential. Besides, it develops child's thinking ability in image with original and realistic animation of plants growth.
Such an excellent application is the best choice for dads and moms.

We will launch more children's encyclopedia products in the following days, so stay tuned!
For more information, please visit our website or search ‘Orbaby’ in App Store!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any comment or suggestion!
We sincerely hope that, every parent will leave a comment after experiencing for ‘Baby Plants Condiment’. Thank you!

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