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Baby Nom Nom is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Baby Nom Nom Review

What does a screaming baby with cobra-quick reflexes eat? Answer: Whatever the heck he wants. The titular Baby Nom Nom wants to scarf down pounds and pounds of rice, and it’s your job to make sure he’s well-fed. Baby Nom Nom is an interesting physics-based maze game that won’t keep you busy for long, but you’ll be entertained for as long as you choose to keep feeding the machine.

Baby Nom Nom is a game with a mission. A portion of its $2.99 price tag goes to SOS Children’s Villages, a charity that homes orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. Baby Nom Nom’s parental status is not clear, but it’s obvious he’s pretty hungry. Goodness knows he scarfs down that rice with all speed as soon as it hits his bowl.


Getting that rice into his bowl—particularly all the rice—is a challenge. Each level of Baby Nom Nom is a wooden maze that you can rotate on a single key pixel located in the center of the board. By turning the maze left or right with your finger, you guide a heap of rice around walls, doors, and other objects until it exits the labyrinth and pours into Baby’s bowl. Needless to say, flecks of rice get stuck in corners and behind walls. If you don’t evict every single grain of rice from the maze within a minute, Baby throws a tantrum and you must start again.

To make things more complicated, your grains of rice are used to weigh down switches, open doors, and collect the pieces of fruit that allow you to “three-star” a level. The later levels of Baby Nom Nom require considerable dexterity and patience to complete fully.


On the other hand, it’s nice that Baby Nom Nom gives you that option to go back and try and perfect your performance (maybe with the help of power-ups, including a clock that slows down time, and a larger bowl that makes it easier to catch all the rice). Though it’s a fun and amusing experience, it doesn’t last long. You should be able to rip through the levels before the game has been parked on your iOS device for too long.

Baby Nom Nom’s physics-based maze gameplay is unique, its graphics are charming (Baby’s animations are endearing, even when he’s pitching a fit) and the money raised by the game goes towards a good cause. Give it a try, and feed the world in the meantime.