Baby Funbox

Keep your kids amazed for hours on end! Baby FunBox provides them with virtual boxes containing an assortment toys and surprises with which they can interact by touching or tilting the device. Let them experiment for themselves with this baby-friendly downloadable toy.


-Multiple gravity-controlled boxes: several environments with lots of toys to bounce around in. Shake the device for a new box of toys.

-Randomly generated scenarios: no two boxes will ever contain the same stuff.

-Constant surprises: dragging objects around will move them, but tapping them might cause several things to happen. Objects might start flashing, grow, have their gravity inverted or explode!. Watch out for chain reactions.

-Camera-Enabled: when a toy camera appears, tap it to turn your device’s camera on for some kaleidoscopic effects.

-Multi-touch enabled: many kids can play at once. Best on the larger devices.


-Tap and drag the toys around. Try poking different objects for different results. You can also move things by tilting the device.

-Shake your device gently to get a new box.

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