Baby Dance Off

☼☼☼☼ rated Baby Dance Off,Game of the Month! (Feb) ☼☼☼☼

Baby Dance Off!

A unique opportunity to choreograph dance moves with your unique Baby, then enter them into dance battles to win Baby Coins!

The only one of its kind, Baby Dance Off will give you the power to animate a baby in 3D space in a simple and fun way. Just create the move and the Baby will do it!

With over 5 million mix and match possibilities, you will be able to make your Baby look truly unique.

Simple enough for a 4 year old to use, dynamic enough to challenge anyone at any age.

Express your creativity or discover it! All dance moves are made by you by just posing the baby in different positions throughout the song.

Enter the dance you perfected into a dance battle for a chance to win big in-game bucks to unlock new outfits!

Be the Judge!
Earn in-game money by acting as a judge to other people’s battles. Watch what creative ways they came up with to enter into the battle and then decide who deserves your vote!

This is a free game without ads or limitations!! Angry Array invented a new play model that we named FFR(Free for real). Which means you would never have to spend a dime to have full access to all of the games features, and your game experience is kept pure by not exposing you to ads. You can buy in-game coins or you can earn it from judging and dance battles! If you play for free. you will not have any limits or disadvantages!

Want to see it before you download? Here is a Youtube link of game play footage.

Try it out and let us know what you think!


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