Baby Cat,Raising Kittens


Raise four kinds of cute kittens (House Kitten, Russian Blue, Siamese, and Persian) on your iPhone!!

★ Lovely kittens doing tricks for you!! ★

However, it is not always easy to take a good care of your kittens.
Kittens need to be fed well, loved, and played with in order to grow into healthy cats.
Choose the right Menu according to your kittens’ breed and age.
If you fail to take a good care of your kittens, they can turn into stealing cats, stray cats, naughty cats, out-of-control cats, dirty cats, disobedient cats, or obese cats. Check your cats’ behaviors, faces, and remarks to give them what they need.
When your kittens go to potty, you have to clean after them.
When there are many footprints in the room, you have to clean the room.
When your kittens’ paw scratcher is old, you have to replace it.
If you fail to meet their needs, your kittens will be stressed. Too much stress can kill them.

✔ What will become of your kittens depends on your hands!
✔ If your kittens are grown well, you can enter the World Cat Appraisal Competition and win a prize!
✔ There are many mini-games for you and your kittens to enjoy together!

★ Raise your cute kittens into lovely pets!! ★

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