Baby Cafe HD- Baby Story

** Free For A Limited Time
** 12/20~12/25
☀ A varieties of cooking Baby restaurants to dine with cute scenes, choose from different delicious sushi dishes, tender grilled chicken, ice cream and wine. Delicacies from countries all around the world ↖ (^ ω ^) ↗

☁ Each customer will give evaluation based on your service satisfaction level, with the progression of service, you can also unlock many different scenes and props from different countries, you can also hire some employees to help you take care of the restaurant.

☂ Take Note! Customers will get angry too. With the series of more props which will be a test of your reaction capability T ^ T If you can’t react fast enough it will be confusing which is very challenging for you to cope! This is a very fun and enjoying game, just gently tap on the items to experience the fun ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♭ ♪! ! !

☃ In this cold winter, let’s come together with everyone around the world to follow the Cooking Baby and experience different food – so what are you waiting for ! Come join in the fun now ┢ ┦ aΡpy ♡ ^ _ ^ ♡

★ ☆ → Variety of fun images
★ ☆ → Rich scenes
★ ☆ → HD quality
☆ → Lovely music

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