Baby Bounce

Two buildings full of babies are on fire, and it’s up to you to rescue them! You control the two firemen at the bottom of the screen by tilting your device back and forth. Just make sure you catch the babies with the Firemen’s Trampoline.

There is a “saved babies” meter at the lower-right of your screen. Keep it in the green! If this meter bottoms out to zero, your game will end.

Gameplay becomes progressively more challenging as follows:

Single Babies – One baby at a time will come flying out of the burning buildings. Increase your ‘streak’ to five saved babies to advance to the next stage.

Bouncing Babies – Still one baby at a time, but now they bounce, so you have to “catch” them twice, before they are saved. Increase your streak to 10 saved babies to advance to the next stage.

Multiple Babies – Now there can be two falling babies at any given time. This picks up the pace a bit, but you only have to catch them once. Increase your streak to 15 saved babies to advance to the next stage.

Multiple Bouncing Babies – It’s falling baby chaos time now, with up to three bouncing babies on screen simultaneously. You have to catch them all twice to save them. Keep the baby meter in the green and go for the high score and high streak records!

You will enjoy this arcade style game if you like Pong, Breakout, Arkanoid and other similar fast-paced, fast-reaction games. With great graphics and sound, you’ll enjoy playing this one over and over!

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