Babolat Serial Player

Serial Player Wanted!
Use your iPhone to challenge the Babolat Serial Players and win the chance to meet them!

Visit, synchronize your smartphone and meet the challenges set by Rafael El Unico Nadal, Li Sweet Killer Na, Jo-Wilfried Hitman Tsonga and Samantha The Assassin Stosur.

If you’re good enough, you’ll leave with their equipment and if you beat them all you’re sure to make the team at the next photo shoot!

But only the very best will be chosen, so feel free to start any of the challenges again to improve your score and beat your own record.

Episode 1: Challenge Rafael El Unico Nadal
We’ll be putting your reflexes and fear to the test in the dark if you want to try to win Rafa El Unico Nadal’s equipment.

Episode 2: Challenge Li Sweet Killer Na at Roland-Garros (available May 2013)
Test your endurance and be the best to win Li Sweet Killer Na’s equipment.

Episode 3: Challenge Jo-Wilfried Hitman Tsonga at Wimbledon (available June 2013)
Think you’ve got the strength and reflexes to win the French champion’s equipment?
If so, measure your strength against Jo-Wilfried Hitman Tsonga.

Episode 4: Challenge Samantha The Assassin Stosur (available August 2013)
You’ve already tested your strength, now test your precision with Samantha The Assassin Stosur to win her equipment.

Are you ready to face the challenge?

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