Babies and jungle animals

Available languages: english – french – italian – German – Swedish – Dutch – Spanish – Polish – Czech – Portuguese

Warning, this game is made especially for children from 2 to 5 years. Its colorful graphics and low difficulty is for a very young audience.

The principle is simple, match two identical images. Each level consists of a number of rounds. Each time a level is won the child wins a picture of an animal of the jungle that enriches its collection.

The difficulty is measured for the youngest!

Genre: Casual Game

identify and match two identical images. Using the click screen in 20 levels suitable for children. While having fun the children learn to focus and identify the elements of an image. Success is rewarded with a picture. Feel free to play with your child.

– Recognition game easy and fun on the theme of animals in the jungle
– Three levels of difficulty (the easiest level it is impossible to lose)
– Intuitive control interface and simple
– Automatic backup of progression.
– Growth awarded 20 pictures of dolphins in the collection available
– 20 levels to accomplish
– A simple game for younger where he can play without your help
– Gameplay and graphics suitable for children

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