When was the last time you wanted to slap your friend and have it post on Facebook. Well now you can with B-Slap! Slap a friend 15 times at a speed of over 150 mph and a post will appear on the friend’s page that he/she was just slapped at the said mph plus receiving a 1 point score.
User can practice by putting down their finger on the pimp hand, and swiping it from left to right (Backhand) and right to left (Palm Slap). No points will be awarded from the practice sessions. This will only show you your slapping speed.
Slap the heck out of your friends, anything, and everything. User will obtain their first baby powder after collecting 10 points.
Point system 10 points = 1 Baby Powder
20 points = 1 Baby Powder
40 points = 1 Baby Powder
80 points = 1 Baby Powder
160 Points = 1 Baby Powder
240 Points = 1 Baby Powder
320 Points = 1 Baby Powder

LITE VERSION: – Users points will not be saved, thus, prizes cannot be earned.

****Disclaimer: This app is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be used to offend anyone… unless it’s yourself! But don’t forget, it’s all in the spirit of good fun.

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