B-B-Boing in space

Time for a new sort of hero, nature’s perfect specimen: fast, stealthy, cunning … it’s B-B-Boing … or as some would have it, “he’s just a ball-bearing with come-to-bed eyes, and a purple nose”. Frankly, that’s just insulting!

Your mission is to guide B-B-Boing through 20 increasingly fiendish levels, flipping as many tiles to blue as you can, and then heading to the chequered flag. Why blue? Because B-B-Boing likes it, that’s why; he’s a hero with simple tastes!

Watch out for the meanies who’ll be bouncing about trying to stop him in his quest. Oh, and don’t, whatever you do, fall off the edge into space – that would NOT be good. Along the way, try and find as many hidden blue & red stars, that’ll help you rack the points up. There are other secrets & surprises along the way – have fun, but be careful, as you’re playing against the clock too!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled … give it a go, and see how far you can get !!!

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