A+Zombie Restaurant Free

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殭屍餐廳 衝到埋身


饑餓喪屍一湧而上,9種喪屍要餵飽才肯收手。A+殭屍餐廳(A+Zombie Restaurant) 設有50關卡,喪屍逐一出場;若然玩家出手太晚,喪屍們各以不同方法發洩到玩家身上,一步一驚心。小心丫﹗

A+ Zombie Restaurant  Right Behind You~~
Starving zombie come out from everywhere to celebrate Halloween. Feed all zombies (Total of 9 types) by food or you! A+ Zombie Restaurant contains 50 levels of game. 9 types of zombies appear subsequently. Serve them on time or you will encounter different kinds of attack. Watch out!
Mr. Vampire
Intro : Mr. Vampire born in China and always lovin’ garlic. He doesn’t walk nor fly but hop, watch out!!

Hanging Head
Intro : No body…. no finger & even no blood…. pop-out from nowhere,mind your head

Papering Dummy
Intro : Chinese funerary material which is burnt to the deceased

Intro : An absent-minded female ghost who loves to watch Snowy TV & Scream, take care of your ears!!

Vampire boy
Intro : Little vampire who loves to spit.

Intro : The ancient Egyptians believe preserving body can enjoy eternity

Black & White
Intro : Bring fear and anxiety, loves to use his long tongue to steal food.

Intro : Irritable solder, a big tippler too!

Intro : Master of nether region. Read his mind just like you read your boss’ = always failed, haha…


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