Awesome Three Card Poker

Awesome Three Card Poker, with some rules ameriolated against the common ones, is a more interesting and more exciting poker game.

2 to 5 players are allowed to play simultaneously with 52-card pokers(jokers excluded). Players shall play with military and tactics, as per the game rules, to stand to final and win all the antes on the table.

Features in ios version :

* Ultra low traffic needed : various network systems supported, with WI-FI preferred . Moreover, with a optimization of network connection, it will save you more traffic.

* Exquisite User Interface : specially tailored for iPhone4/4s, iPhone5 and iPad, offering top experience of vision and operation.

* Amusive animated emoticons : various emoticons for diffrent emotions, easily let out your pleasure or sorrow.

* Distinctive PK system : One-to-One mode supported, quite a challenge of your courage and tactics.

Card Types:

– Three Of A Kind : Three cards of same rank. e.g. 999, AAA.
– Straight Flush : Three suited cards in sequence. e.g. 789 with all SPADE.
– Flush : Three suited cards. e.g. 369, all DIAMOND.
– Straight : Three cards in sequence. e.g. 345.
– Pair: Two cards of same rank. e.g. 99J
– High Card : None of the above.

Orders in card comparision:

1. For card types: Three Of A Kind > Straight Flush > Flush > Straight > Pair > High Card.

2. For ranks: A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2.

3. Card type is the first judgement rule, then ranks. If both with same card type and same ranks, the one initiates comparision loses.

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