Awake Zombie Lite

This is Lite version of Awake Zombie.
It is a full 3D game basing on the Unity 3D engine. A variety of zombies, you have never seen before in usual mobile games, do not let you away from the screen.

20 Stage
4 kind of Weapon

*The Creative Shooting Game basing on diverse and natural animation skills*
The one thing really different from other games is using motion capture animations which are really rare to see in the recent mobile games. Because of that, you can feel that the zombies in the movies are acting on your screen in real.

*New experiences through the special AI
The zombies do not just walk to you straightly. They come close to you with various acting patterns which give you marvelous experiences.

*100 exciting missions and over 20 kinds of weapons*
The 100 missions make you unable to take your eyes off from the screen and you feel that you are the edge of your seat. And also, you can enjoy more than 20 different sorts of weapons when you are into the stages.

*Optimized Full 3D Mobile Game*
Even when you play this game with an old device, it works very well.

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