AVP: Evolution

Universal Rating: 12+

AVP: Evolution is a game from Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc., originally released 28th February, 2013


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AVP: Evolution Review

You don’t have to be a fan of the Alien or Predator series of movies to play AVP: Evolution. You might pick up on some story elements here or there if you were a fan, but there’s nothing so earth-shattering that your playing experience will change if you aren’t. To play AVP: Evolution, you just have to be a fan of the Alien and the Predator. You just need to think they’re cool and that controlling one or both of these creatures would be cool.

As far as we can tell, AVP: Evolution is only loosely based on the recent Alien Vs. Predator movies. The game tries to tell a story involving a breed of Jungle Aliens and some Super Predators, but all of this is told using chunks of text presented during loading screens that you’re not likely to read. They also don’t really explain much outside of where you are and what your objective is. In the end, it’s not really that important anyway.

The fun part of this game involves running around levels and slaughtering innocent humans. You trade off, playing as the Alien in one level and the Predator in another. You only have basic objectives, and most of them involve heading in a certain direction to enter a building or press a button on a computer. By tapping in the middle of the screen, you can access a marker that points you in the right direction.

The game uses onscreen controls for moving and attacking. A thumb stick appears anywhere you press with your left thumb, and two buttons are always present on the right side of the screen. One button blocks if you’re standing still or launches you in a ferocious lunge if you’re running. The other button is a basic attack. By using both buttons in combinations, you can do other attacks.

You can also unleash a furious fatality move if a skull icon appears above your opponent’s head. If you tap the icon and follow the onscreen prompts, your Alien or Predator will disembowel your opponent. This move refills your life meter so you can continue the onslaught.

Thankfully, each character feels very different when playing. The Alien is a fast animal that crawls around in vents, while the Predator plays more like a human with some blades attached to his forearms. By playing through the game, you can earn points to later use in the game’s store. In the store, you can purchase upgrades to each character and unlock new body types. You can change the form of the Alien or give the Predator some new armor. It’s a nice treat for playing the game, but the items can get expensive quick.

AVP: Evolution isn’t much to write home about after the novelty of controlling these creatures wears off. The controls can feel clunky at times, and the enemies all seem the same. The AI could also some tweaking in an update. More than once, we found an enemy running headfirst into a stack of crates while we watched. Aside from the intellectual property present in the game, AVP: Evolution is a familiar, standard action game.