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Use handbrake while turning

Super drive with automobiles in the heaven – there is only road and……YOU. Drive to the finish line. The faster you drive, the more points you earn. You need the speed. You feel the action. You see the smoke and skid marks. Prepare for the right challenge for you. Lionsoft Studios proudly presents automobiles – in the heaven.

Always different track. Jump into a unique adrenaline racing action designed for iPod and iPhone with drifting, sliding and jumping.

Full OpenFeint support – Challenges , Leader-boards , Achievements

Challenge and compete with your friends on OpenFeint, Twitter and Facebook. Earn achievements for your skills.
Be the best by improving your skills and buying upgrades to your automobiles via In App Purchases.

How to play:
You lose points by driving below 46 kph. (However you can’t go below zero points)
You earn more points by driving fast.
Use handbrake for drifting.
Use nitro for acceleration.(on/off)
Use autogas for holding gas pedal to the floor.(on/off)
Steer left/right by tilting ipod or iphone.
Watch your engine temperature – or you can explode.
When you fall out the road, you lose energy for respawning.
You can ‘reset’ you automobiles by reset button.(if you get stuck somewhere)
You lose your energy by using reset button.
Energy is refilled with the time.
When your energy is below zero, you explode.
Passing the finish line is bonus – 10000 points for you.

How to send challenge to a friend:
On the finish screen, simply click ‘challenge a friend’, select a friend or friends, click ‘Send challenge’. This will send a challenge with the same track to your friends.

Silver cup – 16000 points
Gold cup – 60000 points
Platinum cup – 100000 points
World cup – 160000 points.

You can buy upgrades to your automobiles.
Engine – nitro stuff, means higher engine power, but more heat.
Brakes – means more braking power.
Energy – faster energy re-fill rate.

About the technology
Automobiles uses high performance technology with dynamic performance tuning. Visual effects are automatically tuned up for the best performance.
Automobiles uses real physics. Enjoy driving a fast vehicle. You can see even your wheels rotating.
Automobiles uses OpenFeint for social networking with achievements, leaderboards and chats.

(C) Lionsoft Studios

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