Aussie 2up

Come in Spinner! It’s a FREE download ready for ANZAC Day and have a digger spin with your mates!

Aussie 2up is the simple to play Australian Two Up game for your iPhone or iPod Touch. With real-life flip and spin gameplay, 3D graphics and the all important true blue (you beaut) Aussie voice overs – the only thing that’s missing is the pub & beer!

More Info & FAQs visit:
How do I play Aussie 2up?
1. Crack a stubbie (that’s a beer for you yanks):
Preferably with mates as we promote responsible drinking and sharing is caring.

2. Get match ready:
Wipe your hands on your shirt, jeans and the shella next to you for good luck (don’t forget to cop a feel, ladies do the same) – bonza.

3. Get in postion:
Hold your iPhone / iPod out in front of you. Keep it flat and steady – try not to look like your choking your monkey to the crowd.

IMPORTANT: Place your THUMB on the kip when your ready to start (that’s the wooden thing holding the coins).

4. Give it a good crack:
Toss the coins up in the air and make your call.
(Hint: twist your wrist to spin the coins – NO SPIN = FOUL).

Version 1.1 Coming Soon

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