Welcome to Auro City! During your stay, please note that there is no power within the city, as unfortunately something has shorted our main power grid. The whole city is in a rut! Nobody can watch TV. It’s a problem. If you would LIKE to help (please do) we could definitely use a hand – light up all the power nodes in the various sectors of the city and help us restore power!


Game Features

✓A unique steampunk art style that’s sure to catch your eye!

✓ 60 challenging levels that will test even the wits of the most advanced puzzle player! (see if you can find hidden level 61)

✓ Different mirrors that will reflect lasers in various directions!

✓ Hint system! If you get stuck on a level just use a hint and keep going!

✓ Color mixing with different color lasers to light up certain power nodes!


About iCOG Studios

Developers – Mark Hazlett, Mike Magnus
Art – Chris Lee

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Facebook –
YouTube –

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