Aura is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Aura

Strategy enthusiasts have many ways to satisfy their strategic cravings, from bare bones to the most elaborate. Think KDice Trainer and Mecho Wars. Aura falls somewhere in between those as a game with great strategic flair, but it’s a tad lacking in its presentation.

Since it’s a bit complicated to explain in a short space, just know that Aura is a game which involves colored, numbered balls, a row belonging to each of the two sides, on a segmented board. It plays back and forth between the sides, moving the pieces to gain power for them, and trying to keep their trail of movement intact to do so.

Pieces basically eat enemy pieces, change color, and then become more advanced. The game is over when you have gained enough of the most advanced type of piece. It is complex, but the tutorial is fantastically done, and makes getting started a breeze.

Number love in this club.

However, with four difficulty levels, this is not a game you will master quickly. Even so, it is limited. The game could be so much more. As is, there is just one mode of play, pass-and-play multiplayer, and no sound or music. Besides expanding those aspects, Aura could have different representations for the pieces, keeping the same system but spicing up the implementation.

Aura is only $.99, but we don’t like that to excuse a game too much. For a basic strategy game, it’s great, but it’s just a simple pleasure, and we would love to see a more captivating presentation.