Attack Sushi

Application Description:

Sushi Attack is a simple strategy and agility game with puzzle elements.

The gameplay is easy and addictive. Two types of items will randomly appear on the screen, California Rolls and Bombs. Bombs must be tapped quickly before they explode. If three Bombs explode your game is over. You can tap Rolls as they appear for instant points or let them stay onscreen, connect three Rolls to form a combo for extra points. The more Rolls you can connect in a combo the higher your score. Shake your iPhone or iPod touch to freeze gameplay and move Rolls into position for huge combos.

Each game is two minutes long. How high can you score in two minutes?

Game Features and Highlights:

– 3 Levels of difficulty
– Scoreboards
– Simple yet beautiful graphics
– Leverages the iPhone’s unique hardware
– Games last 2 minutes making this a perfect game for people short on time
– Easy to learn but difficult to master

What’s Next?

Please give us your feedback on what features you would like to see added or improved.

You can post your feedback as a review.

*This is a fun variation of our application “Two Minutes”

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