Attack Of The Mutant Zombie Laser Shark Lite vs The Angry Piranha (From Outer Space!)

“Freakin Shark with Freakin Laser Beam Attached to it’s Freakin Head……..

Even more dangerous than the regular kind this species seems to be so evil and cool that only The Empire and Dr Evil can get them.”

Way down in the murky depths of the sea, YOU WILL CONTROL the most terrifying creature a living soul could ever hope NOT to meet.

This is not for the faint hearted ……… surely only those with balls of steal can fight his nemesis the Angry Piranha!!

Lite Version Features:

MUNCH Swarms of Swimmers
BURST Puffer Fish
RIP Bones From Bodies
MELT Jellyfish
DESTROY The Angry Piranha

Extremely addictive finger cramping arcade action!!

TILT your iPhone to progress forward, tilt back to use Fin Breaking, PLOUGH your Mutant Zombie Laser Shark into the waves of swimmers to level up.

TAP the screen to fire your heavy duty laser and obliterate everything!!!


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