Attack of the Killer Granny

Attack of the Killer Granny is a very addictive dodging game which involves grannies chasing you around the screen. You play Attack of the Killer Granny by dragging the stick man around the screen being careful not to touch the grannies or it’s game over.


In Attack of the Killer Granny you will see that there are two game modes. Survival Mode and Missions. In the Survival Mode section there are three different levels. Easy, Medium and Hard. There are changes in the size of the grannies and movable image and also changes in the speed and direction of the grannies in each level as well as when you progress through a level.

In the missions section there are four different addictive missions. In each mission there are obstacles which you must avoid as well as avoiding the granny. there is a safe zone which you must reach to complete the mission. As you progress through the missions the difficulty will increase.

When you have tried all of the missions and survival modes you can share your scores with your friends and the rest of the world with OpenFeint which has online leader boards included. The higher your score the higher you will be ranked in the world. But thats not all you get. There are also Achievements included which can boost your points on OpenFeint. There are 17 achievements available ranging from easy to earn to very hard.

If you achieve a score you don’t just have to post your score to OpenFeint you also have the option to post your score to Twitter with a small tweet. Or if you don’t have access to the internet your high score is automatically saved.


Attack of the Killer Granny contains unique sound effects recorded by the same granny from the game.


3 Game Modes
The Ability to Post to Twitter
Offline High Score
Online Leader Boards

If you have any questions or require support please feel free to contact me with the E-mail address provided on this page you can also visit the Attack of the Killer Granny blog.

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