Atom Playground 2

Atom Playground 2 is a particle playground that lets you create up to 12000 particles and control their colour and movement with 7 sliders.

Turn up the “Accelerometer” slider to control the particles by tilting.

“Deceleration” controls how quickly the particles slow down.

“Randomness” gives the particles random movements.

“Amount” controls the number of particles on screen. Certain devices may experience decreased frame rates when a large number of particles are visible.

“Line width” controls the width of the lines that are drawn, from 1 to 16 pixels.

“Initial velocity” controls the speed particles are given when you touch the screen.

“Fade rate” controls the rate at which the screen clears. At the minimum setting it is possible to draw with the particles and at the maximum setting no trails are left.

Atom Playground 2 is iAds supported. iAds can be removed with an In-App-Purchase.

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