Atlantis Oceans HD

Scuba dive around the world, gather artifacts, catch 100s of Fishes, Dolphins, Sharks in this highly addictive Action game with a test of Adventure!

Dozens of unlockables, weapons and items including the popular TASER GUN.

Explore huge underwater worlds with stunning hand crafted graphics:EGYPT, CARIBBEAN, TITANIC, AUSTRALIA.

Check out the gameplay on Youtube:

Sell your collected items and Explore deeper with your dynamite, scooter, submarine…

Use your SPEAR GUN or TASER GUN to fight a dozen type of sharks including the genetically enhanced SHARKS WITH WICKED LASERS…Dr.Evil would be proud!

** Check the Facebook page to get tips on submarine and other equipments **



“Ocean Exploration At Its Best” – dclose – toucharcade

“I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a game that is fun and also challenging.” – iPhonefootprint

“Addicted to the mission” – theiphoneappreview



* “I called in sick for a whole week now, just to play. I haven’t even changed underwear!!”

* “It is like being Jacques Cousteau!”

* “Great collecting game that fans of I Dig It will love!”

* “Two of my favorite game elements combined in one game, exploration and being underwater.”


Game features:
+ 4 Campaign locations and 12 unique Challenges with increasing difficulty.
+ 84 fishes/dolphins/whales/sharks to collect
+ 255 artifacts and antiques to collect (Egyptian Statues, Pirates Guns, Titanic Jewelries, Australian Boomerangs…)
+ Share pictures of your dives with your friends!
+ Campaign and Challenges lnfinite re-play
+ Male and Female characters
+ Addictive fish chasing
+ Sharks with Lasers
+ Angry sharks, mean sharks, sleepy sharks
+ Beautiful underwater world
+ Lots of diving equipment (knife, speargun, dynamite, tasergun, scooter, camera, mini-submarine,…)
+ Warehouse to browse through your collected items
+ Combo bonuses x3, x5, x10, x20
+ Game Center Leaderboards and 47 Achievements
+ Easy controls (Joystick or Swipe)
+ Cheats in Challenge mode
+ Auto game-saving

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