ATC4Real Chicago O’Hare

ATC4Real is the most realistic ATC Simulator for iPad It gathers real airplanes flights timetables so you could control only real aircrafts in your radar screen. No fictional flights were added.

You will be able to simulate an ATC officer shift at Chicago O’Hare International Airport KORD/ORD. The scenery was based in real data navigation so you could practice real STARs and SID procedures.

Lead every arrival into the actives runways and clear them to land and guide all departures into their exit fixes.


– Atc4real simulates approach and departure control plus take off and landing runways assignment in KORD airspace.
– Real flight data gathered from real timetables (Not in realtime).
– Timetables are updated often.
– All controls are reachable through your touch so you do not need any keyboard input for main functions.
– Separated strips for Arrivals and departures.
– Toggle radar screen elements visibility.
– Terrain heights simulated, avoid crashing into mountains!
– Fixes and vors are accurate placed so you can practice instrument procedures published for KORD airport.
– Real weather updated every 10 minutes (Requires internet connection).
– Satellite image as background optional.
– There is no pause button just as in real life.
– Zoom feature so you can do precise vectors.
– Ranking system
– Timetable updated from 2013-APR

So start controlling now, play ATC4Real Chicago O’Hare and have a lot of fun!
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Developed by Bajasim

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