AstroTheatre AstroCards

AstroCards are graphic representations of the characteristics of the planets as they travel through the signs of the zodiac. AstroTheatre’s AstroCards show the planets as actors on a stage, dressed in costumes characterizing the sign and include keyword descriptions for added clarification.

You can use this app to browse through the cards planet by planet and sign, or do a random “reading” for meditation, or just for fun!

And Check out – where we present you with a full interactive experience showing your personal birth chart acted out by the planets on the stages (the houses) of your personal chart – including transits to show you what is going on in the heavens with your planets on a given day, and relationship charts! You can also download printer ready versions of the cards, or order a full “game” set with a full color chart board using spinners to show the aspects.

Whimsical and fun or meditative and instructive – enjoy AstroTheatre!