Astroblazer DX

The year is 2313 and the planet earth is under attack. Chase down the alien invasion force and blast your way through 40 levels of fast paced arcade action in ASTROBLAZER DX.

After a previous attack on our planet, the alien invaders destroyed the moon where we had based our defence force. As a result the space around us was littered with asteroids making space travel extremely hazardous. If it wasn’t for the defence shielding around our planet, there would be no planet earth today. Over a number of years a series of interplanetary space highways were created to allow safe passage between other planets and star systems. Today, an alien invasion force has gained access to these highways and it is up to you, our hero, to stop this force.


40 levels of lightning fast arcade action based over a number of interplanetary highways.

A host of alien attack wave patterns including The Kaleidoscope, The Big Dipper, Formation of Chaos, Hyperspin, The Centrifuge, The Cyclone, The Quadrablade, Rings of Destruction, The Corkscrew and many more.

Shoot down a number of different alien invaders from Saucerous and Globus to Pyro and Quadro.

Dodge the tripwires and proximity based space mines as you race through the highways.

Defend the earth against waves of alien attacks.

Blaze your way through the space highways between the stars.

Online high-scores.

3D sound effects and visuals with a pulse pounding arcade soundtrack.

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