Astro Monster

Let’s escape from the artificial creatures!
Make them to kill themselves by crashing each other, dodging away from creatures that run after Fleta. Stronger enemies will appear at each stages as it gets advanced. The momentary judgement takes command of a victory and defeat! Make incomparably enjoyable game with timely used skills. Defeat all those constantly appearing (artificial)creatures then return to the earth safely.

Easy to control by using a touch screen. Player must make a path by drawing a line on the screen to help Dr.Fleta to evade from enemies. Lined up buttons on the right hand side, allow to use specially earned skills. Skills cannot be used again(repeatedly) for a certain period of time after once it had been used. Every stage has it’s own ‘Gold zone’, where the Fleta can obtain the gold by simply standing there for a very short moment. But be aware! The gold will be given only occasionally!

6 different types of skills are in use.

– Random jump
Fleta can make a jump to a randomly selected spot(place) including the hostile base station!

– Booster
BOOSTER can increase movement speed of the Fleta for a certain period of time.

– EMP shock
EMP can decrease movement speed of the enemies, for a certain period of time by simply firing itself.

– Fake Fleta
Make fake Fleta to put enemies into a confusion that will just keep wondering around in-between the real Fleta and the fake Fleta without knowing the truth.

– Bomb Fleta
BOMB FLETA make assail planets which can attack the enemies.

– Electric shock
Repulse enemies, within a limited bounds.

Each skills divided up to 5 different levels indicate the capacity of abilities and when on 5th level, skills will turn more stronger. And we have 24 upgrade categories and using these categories can make the game more enjoyable!

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