Astro Mayhem

Astro Mayhem is an endless game where your mission is to destroy or avoid aliens and asteroids to reach the best score ever!

Including great sound effects, music, art, and gameplay your experience will be even better!

With the integration of Game Center, you can compare your high score with your friends and win Game Center points unlocking achievements.

With 23 different achievements, you will have many different missions to unlock all the achievements.

With constant updates, we will be fixing bugs and implementing new features so your gaming experiences become even better.

You can use the coins gained to buy new rockets for more ammo and speed!

With two ways of playing, you can choose whether you want to use the up and down buttons or the tilt mode!

The current version includes seven different rockets, each with different characteristics, varying in speed and ammo amount.

Game Features:
•7 different rockets
•3 different guns
•Game Center Leaderboard
•Game Center Achievements
•23 Achievements
•Endless game
•Tilt mode
•Fly as much as possible to reach your high score
•Amazing art work, including a ton of animation

Try it now and have lots of fun!

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