Astral Arcade

Face off against your friends in an exciting new multiplayer experience inspired by arcade pinball.

As your mind becomes entranced by an onslaught of colors and music, make sure to keep your reflexes sharp because the flashing lights are not just for show. Astral Arcade’s reflex driven turn-based gameplay will keep you and your friends on the edge of your seats.

– High resolution graphics optimized exclusively for the iPad
– Four dynamic gameplay modes that reinvent the objective of each match
– Computer players may be added before a match to fill the role of an empty player slot
– 6 full length sound tracks by Akkadian Head
– Music, Sound Effects, and Visual Effects settings for battery life conservation

Gameplay modes:
– Collect Four: Collect any color orb – The first Player with 400 points wins
– Time Attack: 60 second match – the player with the highest score wins
– Team Match: Top vs. Bottom – The first team to reach 800 points wins
– Color Mania: The first player without orbs on the board that match their color wins

How To Play:
– The light in the board’s center randomly determines an active player by color
– Bumpers placed at the entrance of each player’s base deflect orbs
– On a player’s turn they may press down bumpers to unblock their base
– Only one of a player’s bumpers may be pressed down at a time
– Previously pressed bumpers will automatically spring up when a new bumper is pressed
– Orbs are captured by entering the astral vortex in the center of a player’s base
– The objective of each match is chosen in the options menu

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