Asteroids Alert

Soldier, you are stationed on a space station in orbit over the planet mars and your duty is to ensure the station remains safe.


You are needed at your turret immediately as asteroids are incoming and will destroy the station. Use your skills to deflect the incoming asteroids and use your shield and special weapons when they are available. All of our lives depend on your skills. Save the space station.

See how long you can survive the onslaught of Asteroids. Challenge your family and friends to beat your highest score.

* GameCenter Leaderbaord
* Multitouch
* Addictive Gameplay
* Easy to learn
* Very Challenging to get high scores.


This is a great physics game that will help you kill time with intense fun for all. Simply touch the screen for a rapid fire and use your mage canon with two fingers.

Can you dominate the World Wide Leader-board

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