Assembly Line Lite

How high can you go? Earn points in Assembly Line by building the required sets and runs from tiles on a moving conveyor belt. There may be more than one way to finish each puzzle, but you must plan ahead and move quickly to beat the clock and advance to the next challenge!

Each level has conveyor belts loaded with colored and numbered tiles. To complete a level, drag tiles off the belt into empty slots in the trays that are assigned specific tasks. A tray could have a task to collect tiles of the same number, or tiles that form a run of sequential numbers. It’s your challenge to fill the tray with the right tiles to complete the task.

You must complete each task before your time is up. As the levels progress the tasks get harder and you have less time to complete them. This addictive puzzle game will require fast reflexes and a fast mind to finish each level!

The free version of the game contains over 20 different levels that provide unique challenges and will lead to countless hours of fast paced fun.

Also, available now, Assembly Line!

· Tons more puzzle levels
· Tricky new challenges
· Special tiles that will require new strategies
· Exciting new game modes
· Compare your high scores with players from around the world

If you like Uno, Phase 10, and Rummy you’ll love Assembly Line.

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