A long time ago, in a land far away there was a sneaker jammed in an ass.

It used to be an ass like any other, but now it was hardened like stone. Men big and small, horses and tug-of-war champions tried to pull it out. But it just wouldn’t budge.

Until Sir Lace-a-lot slowly but firmly pulled it out, giving life back to that petrified ass.

Not so long after that, three evil masterminds stole the Diesel Magical Sneaker and put a spell on the King’s royal ass petrifying him on the spot…

Become Lace-a-Lot and fight the three evil masterminds on a champaign to save the King’s ass!



– Immerse yourself in the complex plot and become an AssKicker master.

– Fight three different opponents in their own different environments.

– Full move sets including fatality. 

– Robust “Practice” boot camp transforms rookies into AssKicking masters.

 – Three levels of difficulty.

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