Assault Course

This game is only compatible with the iPad 2


Assault Course is a game of accuracy and speed.

★★★The course combines rural and urban landscapes with targets hidden amongst the various locations.★★★

The aim of the game is to make your way around the course, locating the targets and shooting them down

Weapons available include

•Browning Pistol
•20 Clips per weapon
•SA-80 & AK-47 have 30 rounds per clip
•Pistol has 7 rounds per clip

The game is played with you the viewer as a first person shooter in charge of an AK-47, an SA-80 and a browning pistol.

★★★The AK-47 and SA-80 has 30 rounds per clip with a total of 20 clips, and the pistol has seven rounds per clip with 20 clips in all.★★★

Improve your aim and speed as the game continues!

★★★Available in these countries:
UK, Germany, USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia, Tonga, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, ROI, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Libya, Sweden, Iraq, Canada, Hawaii, Russia, Turkmenistan, +more★★★

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