Ashes & Roses

1st place in Think Outside the Box 4 contest for the best game, and special award for the Best Game Originality!


This is your game, your imagination…

Brace yourself for an unusual artistic experience – a story that you weave yourself, a remarkable world that you can craft with your own fingers. You’re not only an observer – you are the narrator.

Death is a tragedy, but from each tragedy exists a way out… When a young woman dies, only flowers can carry her cry for help. When a rose blooms upon a fresh grave, it’s far more than just a flower… It becomes a messenger of love and hope. It is a Soul.

How did this woman die? Was she a murder victim, a suicider, a patient defeated by a serious disease? What did her life look like? Was she happy, abused by her husband, did she commit a horrible crime? It’s for you to decide!

Choose from dozens of thoughts, dreams, desires and mix them up into combinations that radically alter the story, spicing it up until the tragic finale.

Enjoy these attractive features:
1. A unique approach to adventure games, with actual artistic value.
2. Beautiful graphics combining 3d elements and hand-drawn illustrations.
3. A fully adjustable story that you can reshape to your liking.
4. Dozens of story elements that you can combine into unique connections.
5. Hidden bonuses, characters and endings.
6. Amazing soundtrack created by a highly talented composer.
7. Natural multi-touch interactions.
8. Intuitive interface.
9. Hours of captivating gameplay.
10. Real-time gameplay experience in 24 hours mode.
11. Retina support.
12. iOS 6 compatible.
13. Game Center Leaderboards.
14. Game Center Achievements.
15. Twitter integration.
16. iPhone 5 support.

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