Artyria is an action role-playing game situated in an ancient era. You fight online against thousands of real players for fame and glory. The aim is to attain higher levels so you can dominate the Olymp. A lot of fighting is needed to get a good ranking here. Besides fighting you have to keep your equipment and skills in order. You will be able to earn Silver and Experience Points through errands.
In contrast to other iPhone games, you will be confronted with tasks, that take some minutes to master. Upon completion you will be immediately notified via ‘Push message’. So Artyria is conveniently played on the go, because you don’t have to be logged in all the time.

– MMO game for iPhone and iPod Touch
– Fight against other real Players
– Create Legions with other players and collect honor as a team
– Skill your character’s abilities with skill points and items
– Earn Silver and Experience Points by running errands, even if you are not activley playing
– Master numerous quests

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