Blazing flame of red lotus that even mesmerizes souls!
Red lotus’ demon Salaria appears!!! All creatures with souls will worship her!

Demon Salaria who became stronger, along with map 7 and 8, has been updated.
Good luck with war of knights against the new demon.

Artroid is an action shooting/time attack game for the purpose of ranking war.
You can participate with numerous players from all over the world through game center.
Compete with them, win and move forward to obtain a higher position.

★ Game Features ★
■ Let’s destroy the powerful demons by strengthening your knights!
You can strengthen your knights through character upgrade.
Each knight has his own unique characteristics. Choose a knight you like and develop him.

■ Fight the battle by producing a servant unit!
Unit that plays a role of servant knight exists.
Boost the level of servant unit. Stronger unit helps the battle against demons a great deal.

■ Let’s engage in combat by identifying the unique characteristics and skills of each demon!
Each demon has its unique characteristics and skills.
Create war tactics by identifying their characteristics and skills and overwhelm them.
In addition, their creatures attack the knights with all different patterns. Beware!

■ Preparation for play is completed with a single tutorial, short and simple!
By directly touching with fingers, you can attack from any position you desire, and intuitive and easy play is possible because it is an automatic RUN game.
Be sure to check the tutorial! Upon its completion, you will be given a reward!

■ Let’s rise to the Top Of Top by competing with knights from all over the world!!!
Artroid competes with knights from all over the world through game center.
Rise to the summit of knights, Top Of Top, by strengthening your knights and boosting your combat and control capabilities!

Ver.1.1.1 Update
UI improvements
Balance improvements
Minor Bug Fixes

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