Art Race

★ “Learn Art by Playing!”
★ “Art Race” is the best education oriented art game in the world.

Start as an “Apprentice” and become a “Master” by learning the must known artworks of the art history.

Meet the masterpieces of the great artists. Expand your art knowledge and have fun!
“Art Race” is a true example of gamification and it’s UNIQUE!

*50 Levels of Paintings with 500 Questions&Paintings
*20 Levels of Sculptors with 200 Questions&Sculptors
*Questions are getting harder in each level. So collect enough stars to open more levels.
*When you give wrong answers, you loose stars. When you loose 4 stars you loose the game.
*Be quick! Give correct answers as fast as you can, and earn points.
*Collect more points to become an art master.

“This is the soft test of the game and it’s only launched in Canada and Turkey at the moment. So, we do appreciate if you share us your opinions and feedbacks.

We have been working on the game for more than 6 months to produce a quality content and an enjoyable game.

So, enjoy!

Coming soon:
*Multilanguage Support (6 other languages)
*Architecture sets
*More levels

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