Art Quiz – Who Painted this?

Love art? You’ll love this app. Art Quiz is a fun but simple game that tests your knowledge of paintings from the 1400s to the 1900s.

The game is simple: You’re shown a beautiful painting and 4 possible answers. Pick the correct answer and score points. Miss one and you can try again – but for less points. The better you are, the more points you score!

This PRO version includes:

- Pictures of over 150 Paintings
- Play by Painter Name or Painting Name
- 2 Game Mode – 60 Second Timed and 20 Questions
- Study Guide
- Global Leaderboard! You can be the world champion
- Achievements – earn points for playing the game
- Links to more awesome quiz apps!

We’re sure you’ll enjoy Art Quiz and find it enjoyable and challenging. Be sure and leave a review in iTunes. Please email us at with any questions.

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