Art Maze 3D

A notorious art thief has stolen famous works of art from museums all over the world and hidden them in a maze. Your mission is to search the maze for the paintings and recover them for their rightful owners as quickly as possible.

Art Maze 3D provides you with a 3D first-person view of the maze as you walk through it using gestures. The following gestures can be used to navigate the maze:

Swipe Down – Move forward

Swipe Up – Move backward

Swipe Left to Right – Turn left

Swipe RIght to Left – Turn right

Art Maze 3D provides three different art collections to search for in the maze:

– High Renaissance featuring paintings by Da Vinci and Raphael.

– Van Gogh featuring paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.

– Monet featuring paintings by Claude Monet.

Special thanks to Wikipedia for the images and descriptions of the paintings.

Download Art Maze 3D today and see how fast you can find the missing paintings!

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