Arrows Puzzle Game

Arrows is an irresistibly challenging, yet simple puzzle game. It’s easy to play, but difficult to master.

The goal in Arrows is to fill orbs in each level with sideways moving arrows, avoiding obstacles along the way. Getting high scores unlocks exciting new bonus levels and achievements can be unlocked throughout the game. Compete with your friends on Game Center leaderboards to see if you are a true Arrows master.

With visually-stunning graphics and unique game elements in each of its 80+ levels, Arrows provides hours of mind-engaging fun.

➨Highly captivating graphics
➨Specially integrated music to compliment gameplay
➨100+ carefully designed futuristic levels
➨Bonus levels unlocked by high scores
➨Game Center leaderboards
➨Unlockable achievements


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“Arrows is an amazingly fun game for iDevices” –

“it’s accessible, addictive, amusing, and absolutely awesome” –

“Editor Picked by”

“it’s an absolutely ace fit for any iOS puzzler fan” –

“This puzzler is comprised of sleek, shiny graphics and some very tricky gameplay that will get you hooked from your first carefully orchestrated move” –

“Arrows Puzzle Game, developed by Local Aliens LLC, is an iPhone game that has good gameplay and impressive design” –

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