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Arms Cartel Global is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Arms Cartel Global Review

Social crime games have been popular for a while now, and Arms Cartel Global is the perfect example of the genre. The game focuses heavily on completing tasks to build up your bank, which lets you buy more weapons and a larger army of thugs. While this seems similar to other games we’ve reviewed, the disappointing part is there isn’t a single thing we haven’t seen before. Not a thing. We didn’t notice a new mechanic or feature. It’s just a different paint job on a recycled game.

The gameplay is anything but interesting. You can travel to different locations, where you must complete jobs to earn money. Some jobs require you to have more experience or a larger arsenal of weapons, but they all play the same. You simply tap on the location of the job, and it’s done. There’s no playable shootout or a cinematic cutscene–only repetitive tapping to get the next job.

When you’re not travelling, you can use your money to build up your homebase. You start with a vacant lot, filled with only a few buildings. Buildings earn you income, which you can use to purchase weapons, vehicles, or special items needed to complete jobs. Remember, you won’t be using these in any controllable battle. Instead, these items will increase your cartel’s offensive and defensive stats.

There is also a social aspect to this game. You are in charge of your cartel, but you can form a clan with other players. Clans can then attack other clans. A loss can result in lost income or equipment. If you’re not in a clan, don’t fret. You can still carry out attacks on other players. In fact, you’ll probably get attacked quite often by other players, even as you’re just starting out.

Arms Cartel Global, which costs a dollar, plays like many freemium games: it uses stamina and energy to limit the number of actions you can carry out at a time. If you complete a few jobs within several minutes, you may need to put the game away for a while until your energy returns. Also like many freemium games, you can purchase everything with actual money to increase your power. If you really want that shotgun for your cartel and you don’t have the patience, you can buy it for a few bucks.

We were bored almost immediately by this game. There is no real incentive for completing jobs and building up your cartel. Sure, you can improve your homebase with new buildings, but nothing feels worthwhile. There’s so little energy or excitement in the world of Arms Cartel Global that the game feels like a direct moneygrab. From the moment we started playing, other cartels were attacking us and taking our income. Frankly, we didn’t even care.