Armor of war 3D

A mysterious organization has carried out a big explosion in a no-man’s land,and you have to drive armoured car across the region. You must pass through the empty wasteland and hilly battlefield. At night, you have to deal with the attacks from the dark cave. To risk!

In adventure mode, you always have to respond to the attacks, some attacks are from the ground and some from the air. You will have different armored car at different level, and you will have more powerful weapons to wipe out the more dangerous enemy.

In time racing mode, you need to transport the debris collected in the adventure mode to the nearest reception center. So you have to save time in order to block the enemy. Once the countdown is to the end, the debris will be exploding. The explosion would damage your armored car.

Some gamelevels will bring the feeling of the maze, and you’d better remember the place that you have explored. Getting lost is a tearful experience in time racing mode. Don’t let the time become your enemy.

– Excellent lighting effects and fire effects.
– 3D games using the joystick and auxiliary button control.
– Day and night, two shadow patterns.
– 2 Game modes, the story of the adventure mode and time racing mode.
– A variety of armored cars and weapons placed in the different game levels.
– The game have a reward center. It encourages everyone to win the added bonus.

Support equipment:
iphone 4
iphone 4S
ipod touch 3(3rd generation)
ipod touch 4(3rd generation)

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