Save all the Animals, bring them up to Noah’s Ark where the animals are safe on board. You will see farm animals such as dogs and horse, jungle animals such tigers and elephants and many more.
You have to stay focused and concentrated if you don’t want see yours little friends falling down in the deep water.
Bounce over thousands of cute animals just by touching the screen and moving your finger horizontally.
Slide the box over the water allowing the animals to reach the other side.
Stay out of thunderbolt while rain is coming down, otherwise your animals were burned.
With two gameplay modes, diverse unlockable lands and dozens of animals.
Farm, forest, jungle, artic, ark: how many animals you can save in every land?
And at the end bring back all the animals safe on the ground!
Fun for kids and parents!
Save them all!


6 detailed lands!
Extremely simple but insanely addictive gameplay!
+50 Tiny Animals!
dog, cat, horse, sheep, mouse, duck, squirrel, koala, panda, lion, snake, tiger, elephant, rhino, hippo, bear, monkey, wolf, fox…
Arcade & Endless gameplay modes!
Supports both the latest devices (iPhone 4S/4) and older models (iPhone 3G)
Adorable graphics and sounds!

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