Ark of Sinners Advance

Ark. Everything begins and ends in this forgotten city.

While fleeing from theirs pursuers, Celia and Nemo fall into the depths of the earth to that place. All alone, she awakens in an unknown location for her, an empty metropolis inhabited only by shadows.

Join Celia in an astounding journey through the fascinating world of the RPG saga Anima Beyond Fantasy, an adventure that will lead both to the deepest secrets of the city… and of her own soul.

• Explore the huge world of Ark. 21 interconnected stages that will offer you more than 10 hours of gameplay.
• Exciting adversaries. 14 enemies and 7 different bosses.
• Countless combat movements. Control Celia’s multiples combos and special attacks.
• Epic music. Enjoy a wonderful orchestral soundtrack.

Ark of Sinners Advance Review

Ark of Sinners Advance is a game that very desperately wants to fill your Metroidvania needs, and it has elements in place to seemingly make it work. It has an appealing art style, huge levels to explore, and lots of combat options. Unfortunately, none of these components add up to anything interesting, and we ended up wondering why a game that started out its life as a critically savaged Wii-Verse title from two years ago Read More →