Arise Of The Witch

Lead your girls to gain fortune, power and glory!
It will take all YOUR skill to overcome different Parties in magic world, you will fight against Goblin, Death Eaters, Aurors and Ainu.

Sprinkle features:
Easy control: Tapping left side of screen to control moving and right side to attack, it could be at same time.
Dynamically levels: upgrade your skill level by continuous winning, and degrade by continuous failing.
Amazing fighting experience: clever AI help each other to fighting with you.

thanks for your review:
“Not bad, not great by Lover of the Busty
It’s a very simple game, but plenty of replay value. I think a couple good additions would be buying allies to help you, and a reset if you run out of energy (happened to me as I was learning still)”
when you run out of energy, you can buy more energy by your gold (which you won in game), if your gold is run out either, your witch will recover 1000 energy automatically, you don’t have to pay any real money to continue unless you want to revenge your enemies with full power.
Thanks again, any constructive comment is welcome.

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